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Happy Christmas!
Hi Guys!
Thanks for the mention on the website! Fame at last!!?
Hope you have a lovely Christmastime, hoping to video the mad puppy over Christmas, so will forward it to you.... she is the perfect best friend for Archie - they are so similar! H xx
Posted by Helen on 21 December 2008
Well done!
Hey you guys, what a cracking job you've done!
Severely impressed with the house and the website, nice one.
What's next, a pool maybe?
Posted by davie on 14 July 2007
Well Done !!
What a wonderful house!! This is much more than I imagined when you described it on our last visit.

Do you have a licence to operate that shower?
Posted by Paul Benton on 13 July 2007
Pleeeeaaase explain why the barstool is called Sebastian!!
Or even....why it has a name at all!
Helen x
Posted by helen bird on 09 May 2007
Oh Helen, I am disappointed in you!!

Everyone knows that all Ikea products have a name - this bar stool just happens to be called Sebastian.

Check their website if you dont believe me


P.S. We also have a sofa called Arild
Posted by Jerry Bishop on 10 May 2007
OK, I'll let you off if someone else chose Sebastian's name! I do know that Ikea give all their items names, but I don't really think they intend for you to keep on calling it that once it's in your own home! Any chance of changing it by deed-poll to John??!!
Just a thought.......
H x
Posted by Helen Bird on 14 May 2007

OK, I will let you off; we now have three Sebastian bar stools and after much discussion Joan and I have decided to call them Tom, Dick and Harry!

Hope to see you up here sometime in the nearish future.


Posted by Jerry Bishop on 16 May 2007
Hello from Dorset
Hello Joan - I dont think Jerry will know me but well done with the house and I hear you are having the good weather as we are down here in Dorset and that will help you get on. My son-in-law is going into House building - but the plot cost him about as much as a house but that's what its like down here. I'll look forward to hearing you have moved in. I'll be up in Sacotland in the summer but I doubt if I'll get as far as Dornoch.
Posted by Winnie on 07 May 2007
Hi Winnie - thanks for your feedback. We are getting close to moving in so are letting out the Dornoch house over the summer. I hope your son-in-law has a good build - please ask him to get in touch if we can be of any help.
With best wishes - Joan & Jerry
Posted by Joan on 07 May 2007
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